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Beach Muffin in Zushi

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Beach Muffin One Paragraph Review

Beach Muffin is definitely a place we will continue visiting in the future when we find ourselves in the area. The beers have become much improved and the food is delicious. The warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere will keep you nice and chilled out for your time there though the only downside is that depending on when you get there, not all the beers will be on, so do plan accordingly. All prices include tax and the bar is entirely non-smoking as well.

Beach Muffin Front

Our beautiful model Joe post-beers.

Beach Muffin Full Review

After numerous mistaken tries and emails, Joe and myself finally made it down to Beach Muffin in Zushi, a vegan cafe that also happens to be the taproom for Yorocco Beer. In the past, we’ve tried to contact both Beach Muffin and Yorocco Beer to no avail, so one cloudy, rainy, crappy weather Saturday, we hiked down and got here without getting lost as this time, we used an Android phone for directions.

Beach Muffin Seating 2
I could easily have slept on these chairs if it hadn't been for Joe's non-stop talking.
Beach Muffin Seating 3
Comfy is an understatement.
Beach Muffin Seating 4
Seriously warm and cosy
Beach Muffin Seating 5
I could quite happily live here.

Beach Muffin is a tiny little shack that reminded us both of someone’s house – low wooden beams that Joe smacked his head on once or twice and tacked on “extensions” to provide more space though overall, Beach Muffin felt light and airy with all the light coming in. Most importantly, the chairs were bloody comfortable, so much so that I almost fell asleep due to how soft and warm mine was. There is plenty of seating around the bar for small groups as well as large groups by the front windows as the breeze from the sea flows into the building.

Beach Muffin Yorocco 1
The board changes depending in if it's taproom hours or not.
Beach Muffin Taproom 1
The small bar area at the back.
Beach Muffin Yorocco 2
OPA - Oat Pale Ale Nice but not that distinctive.
Beach Muffin Beer 7
Takeaway beer for the lovely walk back to the station.
Beach Muffin Beer 6
Yorocco Cultivator Review here: https://beertengoku.com/2016/05/yorocco-cultivator-by-yorocco-beer/
Yorocco Port Royal IPA
Yorocco Port Royal IPA - their newest IPA - a cross between American and British it seems.

Due to the schedules throughout the year, the amount of taps on at Beac Muffin varies: with one or two on outside of the official taproom hours. However, if you do go during taproom hours (announced on the Yorocco Beer homepage), then anywhere between four to eight beers are on tap. All the beers are one size, including some guest beers, with all of them being 350ml for ¥800 which included tax. The beers did come with a large amount of head but the nice guy behind the bar did top them up after letting them settle for a bit. The beers are also available for takeaway and for the same price as drinking in, you can get a plastic cup for your beer to drink on the nice stroll back to the station or the beach.

Beach Muffin Food 2
Delicious vegan taco with pinto beans and a glass of Zesty Saison.
Beach Muffin Food
This was an incredible burger. Who cares about the sliced bread for bun?

The food though at Beach Muffin is great. The menu varied from small bar snacks to full vegan meals that changes daily depending on what is available. The vegan burger comes highly recommended, if not for the burger then for the chips which are great. The spicy soya protein taco wrap, while small in comparison, was wickedly spicy. The only shame about it is that you only get one wrap and a small bowl of pinto beans along with one bowl of salsa. Who would have thought that vegan food could be so tasty.

Beach Muffin Details

Open: Cafe is open Thursday to Saturday 11:00 ~ 18:00, taproom is the same except on Saturday where its 17:00 ~ 22:00 and on Sunday 12:00 ~ 18:00

Closed: Monday to Wednesday

Phone: 0468-72-5204

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.beachmuffin.com/

How to Get to Beach Muffin

The closest stations are JR Zushi or Shin-Zushi on the Keikyu line Zushi branch, with the latter being slightly closer. Beach Muffin is about a ten to fifteen minute walk from JR Zushi, while less than ten minutes from Shin-Zushi.

Directions from JR Zushi

Directions from Keikyu Shinzushi

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