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Niigata Sparkling Mango by Niigata Beer

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Niigata Sparkling Mango seemed like a good idea at the time. Let’s introduce a fruit adjunct into our beer. If the Belgians can use cherries, oranges, apples, or coriander, then why not go tropical? Niigata Sparkling Mango is brewed with fresh mango though the exact amount is unknown.

Niigata Sparkling Mango

Those brown bits are ok to drink. I think.

Niigata Sparkling Mango Aroma and Taste

I don’t know what I expected with Niigata Sparkling Mango really. I initially went in thinking that this could be a good idea; a decent pale ale or IPA that has been gently infused with fresh mango. Except when I poured Niigata Sparkling Mango out, I thought someone had switched my beer for juice. I’ve seen and had some weird beers in my life, for example, Hokkaido’s Abashiri range of coloured beers, but this was just out there. All I could smell from Niigata Sparkling Mango was mango and it smelt off. Those “bits” at the top of the glass came from the settled sediment in the bottle.

At 3%, Niigata Sparkling Mango is not going to get you buzzed or drunk or sloshed or anything except healthy, perhaps. Drinking it felt like I was on some health kick and had just been passed a mango smoothie; the texture reminded me of a banana milkshake, thick and gloopy. I couldn’t detect any notes of hops or malts or anything else besides bloody mango.

Niigata Sparkling Mango One Line Review

Niigata Sparkling Mango should never really have been created. It’s an abomination of a “beer” that should be removed from sale.


Where to Buy Niigata Sparkling Mango

Just go buy a fresh mango, juice it and add some vodka to it. It would be far healthier and nicer than this. For those who want to try Niigata Sparkling Mango, then it can be bought from the Niigata Beer online store here. It can also be found on Rakuten here.

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