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Sankt Gallen Sakura by Sankt Gallen

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Sankt Gallen Sakura is the spring addition to the sweet fruits range from Sankt Gallen and uses sakura, better known as cherry blossom, synonymous with Japanese springtime. It’s a 5% fruit / spiced beer that goes on sale from mid-February annually and is based on a wheat beer recipe. For those who need further details about the amounts used, 60kgs of cherry leaves and blossom combined are used for 2340L or so of beer.

Sankt Gallen Sakura

60kgs per  2340L of beer. That is a lot of cherry blossom and leaves!

Sankt Gallen Sakura Aroma and Taste

Disappointingly, Sankt Gallen Sakura didn’t pour out some lurid bright pink syrupy colour like some other beers would probably do. Instead, it came out a bright though slightly hazy, golden colour with a fair lacing of head that lingers for longer than I thought it would have done. Sankt Gallen Sakura clearly has its roots in the wheat style of beers as the aroma coming off of Sankt Gallen Sakura was wheaty and slightly spicy. Then the sakura smell comes through – that distinctive spring sakura smell that gets sprayed in departments stores across Japan.

Sakura is a peculiar thing. As soon as the first hint of spring comes along, sakura is found everywhere. In your lunch box. On your beer can. In your bag. In your coat pockets, yet I still can’t discern what the taste should be. Sankt Gallen Sakura had a bold taste of cinnamon and cherries which mask the wheat flavour of the beer somewhat. Then the bitterness kicks in with the hops playing their part.

Sankt Gallen Sakura One Line Review

If you like cherries and cinnamon, then you’ll like Sankt Gallen Sakura. Else, you are not missing out on much.


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