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Minoh Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer

by Rob
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Finally. FINALLY!! I get to drink and review a Minoh beer before Joe does. Every time I try one, Joe’s already had it. But not the Minoh Imperial Stout. No way, Jòse. It’s mine. Minoh Imperial Stout used to have the appellation “Valentine” tacked onto it; however, they dropped that part and instead just release the beer around Valentine’s Day. It’s brewed from a variety of malts and the such but the problem is, is that it’s only released around January time and lasts until stocks run out. Damn.

Minoh Imperial Stout

The regular label one looks like this. The Valentine’s edition is the same beer but just a different label.

Minoh Imperial Stout Aroma and Taste

Minoh Imperial Stout poured out almost jet black with a thick, dark brown head that screams chocolate roasted malt or something equally as beautifully sounding. Compared to other Imperial Stouts, yes you Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout, this beer seems to be following the rules very carefully. Which, in this case, is a good thing. The aroma coming off of it reeked of smoke and malts, followed up with a nice dosage of coffee and dark chocolate.

If you have ever heard of the Milk Tray man, then I would love to imagine the Milk Tray lady carrying Minoh Imperial Stout and serving it in a nice wide open glass as above. I felt so regal drinking this beer that I almost forgot that I am merely a peasant at times. It’s thick luscious body exudes a bitter coffee chocolate taste with a distinct smokiness that lifts the flavour. It’s much lighter than other imperial stouts I’ve tried, for example, West Coast USA that smack you silly around the head and don’t bother to phone then next day.

Sip after sip slowly became gulp after gulp and Minoh Imperial Stout was finished far too quickly for my liking. The aftertaste lingers; a bitter coffee flavour with a chocolate kick to it left me wanting for me. Which meant I had to drink Joe’s….


Minoh Imperial Stout One Line Review

Just go out and buy Minoh Imperial Stout. Drink it, savour it, enjoy it, want it more.

Where to Buy Minoh Imperial Stout.

At the time of writing, Minoh Imperial Stout could be bought from the Minoh Beer online store here. Else, GoodBeer had it here. Le Collier in Tokyo had it in stock too.

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