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SunSun Organic Beer by Yo-Ho Brewing

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SunSun Organic Beer is a 100% organic pilsner beer from Yo-Ho Brewing; however, it is sometimes mistaken for Shinshu SanSan that has similar packaging. Even though it is supposed to be a pilsner, SunSun Organic Beer can also be found labelled as a pale ale from time to time. Confusing or what?

SunSun Organic Beer

Praise the Sun! (Bonus point for knowing the reference)

SunSun Organic Beer Aroma and Taste

SunSun Organic Beer poured out a deep golden colour with a thin layer of white head that was foamy at best. It didn’t last very long though and quickly dissipated into a white ring around the top of the beer. The aroma was ever so slightly grassy without any pompous organic notes to it. SunSun Organic Beer had the aroma of a typical pilsner without any of the metallic tinge that I expected from it.

I guess I spoke too soon when I wrote that as the body of SunSun Organic Beer definitely had a metallic tinge to it. Maybe it was a dodgy batch? Nope, label checked out ok. In date? Well in date. Oh well. The body was also fairly thin and watery without much flavour either. It finished off semi-dry and then just faded into another sip and another.

SunSun Organic Beer One Line Review

SunSun Organic Beer is no better than the Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo, et al on the supermarket shelves. Save your cash and buy something else.


Where to Buy SunSun Organic Beer

SunSun Organic Beer can be bought in most department stores, such as Queen’s Isetan, or the Yo Ho Brewing online store here.

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