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Otaru Bakushu Pilsner by Hokkaido Bakushu Jozo

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Otaru Bakushu Pilsner is marketed on its organic malts and hops produced in Hokkaido, Japan and is brewed by Hokkaido Bakushu Jozo, not to be confused with Otaru Beer. Like most pilsners, it is based on a Czech recipe but besides that, there is not much information about Otaru Bakushu Pilsner on the market. I don’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing really.

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner

The healthy beer for your body – organic malts and hops! No added chemicals.

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner had a nice golden straw like complexion to the body yet it was a little on the cloudy side of the pilsner range. The head was light and fluffy while it lasted but it didn’t and it dissipated into a thin ring around the edge of the glass. Otaru Bakushu Pilsner smelt like grass with an edge of floral notes to it as well that finished off dry.

Once the head had gone, Otaru Bakushu Pilsner looked like any other decent Czech pilsner and tasted like one too. It had a crisp bite to the original taste with the malt not being too overpowering either. The crispness of the aroma followed through to the body along with some ok bitterness too in the aftertaste. It is simply a by the numbers pilsner that is soon forgotten.

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner One Line Review

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner is a by the number pilsner really; it isn’t going to blow you away but neither will it leave you reeling.


Where to Buy Otaru Bakushu Pilsner

Otaru Bakushu Pilsner can be bought on the Hokkaido Bakushu Jozo online store here. We picked up our can from National Azabu in Hiroo here.

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