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Baird Beer Brewery Gardens Taproom in Shuzenji

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On our recent trip to the Baird Beer Brewery, BeerTengoku was also lucky enough to sample some of the beers in the Brewery Gardens Taproom on the third floor. The Brewery Gardens Taproom is located above the brewery, giving you ample opportunity to observe the brewing process in action, try some of the Baird Beer range, and also take in some of the finest countryside Japan has to offer in Shizuoka. With 20 beers on tap, including the seasonal and monthly beers, then there is always something for you to try.

Brewery Gardens Taproom View

Lots of open space. Very airy and bright.

The Brewery Gardens Taproom is an open bar area that has seating inside, and also an outdoor beer deck where you can sit down with those cold beers and look over the surrounding valley and mountains. Some of the beer deck is covered, so if you are unlucky like BeerTengoku, you can still sit outside and enjoy those beers while it is raining.

Brewery Gardens Taproom Bar

Pick a beer. Might take some time to get through them all but who is in a rush?

Brewery Gardens Taproom has all of the regular Baird Beers on tap, as well as the seasonal and monthly beers that rotate around. On tap when BeerTengoku went in August, were both Cool Breeze Pils, Asian Beauty Biwa Ale, Japan Tale Ale, and Joie de Vivre Golden ale among others. Brewery Gardens Taproom sells both medium and large beers(need prices) glasses; however, BeerTengoku recommends the beer card, that means you get 10 beers for the price of 8, or the beer flight where you get three different beers for ¥800.

Brewery Gardens Taproom View

Some beers, a great value, what more do you need?

Food wise, it is pretty spartan so be warned. BeerTengoku wanted to try some of the local venison jerky; however, it was sold out so we had some haggis flavour crisps. Disappointing considering the state of food at the Numazu, Harajuku, and other taprooms and what they offer. There are occasional specials, for example, the Saturday that followed our trip, Brewery Gardens Taproom was offering up special venison lunch boxes that looked delicious in the promotional posters, but only available to the first 10 customers.


Brewery Gardens Taproom Souvenirs Got a favourite Baird Beer? Wear it with pride on your chest.

Finally, there are also bottles of Baird Beer and also t-shirts that you can buy and take home as a reminder of your day. Have you got a favourite beer or want to spread the word that is Japanese craft beer? Then pick up a t-shirt and let the world know on your travels. BeerTengoku did not pick up a t-shirt as we can not make a decision between which beer to drink, let alone a t-shirt.

Brewery Gardens Taproom One Paragraph Review

When the campsite opens up across from the Baird Beer brewery, the Brewery Gardens Taproom looks like it could get very busy with some campers and brewery tour customers. Great views, great beer, and a great chilled out atmosphere which is only let down by the lack of food when we there; a disappointment compared with the other taprooms and what they offer.

Brewery Gardens Taproom Bar Details

Open:  Weekdays; 12:00 pm to 9:00pm, Weekends and holidays; 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Address: 1052-1, Oodaira, Izushi, Shizuoka-ken

Homepage (in English): http://bairdbeer.com/en/brewery/index.html

Directions: (Walking because we do not condone drink driving)

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