Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale by Oh! La! Ho Beer

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale

Nagano, land of snow and beer it seems. Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale is another beer out of Nagano, well south Nagano, and is readily found in the Nagano city area. It can also be bought at the Oh! La! Ho Brewery, just outside of Ueda, Nagano. Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale has also won awards for nine years in a row, from 2000 to 2009 at the International Beer Competition among others.

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale

Interesting name for this beer.

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale Aroma and Taste

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale pours out a very dark muddy brown colour with a slightly frothy, amber head. There appeared to be some sediment in the beer, perhaps a link to the muddy colour? The aroma was gentle but thick with some hints of caramel, yeast and a subtle nose of chocolate.

Once the head had settled down, which took a while, Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale had a nice hoppy flavour to it that wasn’t in your face. The caramel hints in the aroma lent more towards toffee in the body and was a little on the sweet side of things but still tasty. The aftertaste was a bit of limp compared to the other parts but it finished slightly bitter.

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale One-line Review

Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale is a very good amber ale and well worth sourcing out.

Where to Buy Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale

Our can of Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale was a souvenir from someone who visited Nagano; however, it has been seen in La Collier in Tokyo station. It can also be bought online from the Nagano Mall site here.

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