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Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon by Morita Kinshachi

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Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon is a fruit beer that has the added inclusion of lemon to sharpen the taste. Made using local lemons, Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon has lemon juice added during the mash process. The image below is of the old packaging before the recent redesign.

Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon

Lemon and beer should be a good combination.

Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon Aroma and Taste.

Thinking Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon would benefit from a special glass, I used my new Spiegelau IPA glass with the idea being the lemon aroma would circulate. The problem was that there was not much aroma to begin with besides some astringent cleaning fluid-like smell. I thought I cleaned the glass before drinking? The head on it was plentiful and frothy but didn’t aid in the aroma with a fairly hazy golden body.

Drinking Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon made me realise where the astringent cleaning fluid came from; the beer. This may well have lemons in it, but they taste of artificial lemons. All I could think of was Fairy washing up liquid. Perhaps the bottle had been stored for too long but the bitter aftertaste left by the original taste burnt my taste buds. An aftertaste? I washed my mouth out as soon as I could and moved on.

Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon One-Line Review

Unfortunately, the lemon addition to beer does not pay off for Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon and should be avoided.


Where to Buy Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon

Just go buy a Kirin or Asahi and add your own fresh lemon juice to save money. Else, Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon can be bought at Sakaya Okadaya here.


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