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Uchu Star Dust IPA by Uchu Brewing

by Rob
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Uchu Star Dust IPA is a 6.8% Sour IPA from Uchu Brewing, based in Hokuto, in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup, though seeing as it has gone through a few different brews now, we can assume it will come out again. Uchu Star Dust IPA is brewed using locally sourced Lateblue, Blueray, BlueGem, Delight, Menditto, and TifBlue blueberries – who knew there were so many different varieties?! Uchu Star Dust IPA is also brewed using lactose so those who are lactose intolerant should avoid this beer.

Uchu Star Dust IPA うちゅうスターダストIPA

Uchu Star Dust IPA Aroma and Taste

Uchu Star Dust IPA poured out a pinkish purple colour that made Abashiri Hamanasu Draft look relatively normal. I mean, I get fruit in beers but this looked more like a glass of juice than beer. And that fact extended to the aroma – it smelt like blueberry yoghurt with a dash of passion fruit lemon hops thrown in. I’m guessing that was to convince people like moi that beer comes in different guises – including this. There wasn’t anything malt wise to note.

And then the milkshake aspect comes screaming in. Milkshake IPAs, those shudder beers that are pushing the boundaries of what an IPA can be. Uchu Star Dust IPA could be described as one of those – the lactic yoghurt aspect to it, it’s thick gloopy body (for an IPA) and blueberry flavour just screams “millllllllkshaaaaaake”. And then the sour note kicks in – not a face turner, but more of a Greek yoghurt sourness comes in. I’m lucky I’m not lactose intolerant as Uchu Star Dust IPA would have had me running for the toilet with how milky and yoghurty it is. Uchu Star Dust IPA finished off with more blueberry yoghurt flavours and by that time, I thought I was going to have a sudden detox.


Uchu Star Dust IPA The Bottom Line

Someone must like milkshake IPAs – so Uchu Star Dust IPA would be right up your street. It’s not a bad beer by any means, just one is more than enough for me.

Where to Buy Uchu Star Dust IPA

Uchu Star Dust IPA can be bought online at the following places

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