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Sankt Gallen Pale Ale by Sankt Gallen

by Rob
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Sankt Gallen Pale is a 5% American pale ale from Sankt Gallen. It’s part of their all-year round range and can be found in bottles and on tap across Japan. It is the flagship beer for Sankt Gallen and their most popular beer. Based on an American pale ale recipe, Sankt Gallen Pale Ale was one of their first beers produced when Sankt Gallen was based in the USA.

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale

Look at that colour change throughout.

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale Aroma & Taste

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale had such a frothy head to it that it took ages to settle. You could have put a stick in the beer and it would have stayed upright. The body was a slightly hazy golden colour and the head was a nice clear white colour. As Sankt Gallen Pale Ale is an American pale ale, the usual hoppy nose was first and foremost the strongest aroma to come through. Citrus notes and a slightly biscuity nose also came through as well.

After watching the beer settle, which took a while, I was a little disappointed in the strength of the taste. Not that is was bland by any means. More that with such a forward nose, I expected the body to follow suit. Sankt Gallen Pale Ale had a hoppy taste to it with some more citrus flavours to it, but the most interesting taste was the caramel flavour. It finishes off more towards the bitter end and left me wondering, did I enjoy it?

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale One-Line Review

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale is a puzzling beer that verges on an APA and an English pale ale but isn’t quite sure what it is.


Where to Buy Sankt Gallen Pale Ale

Sankt Gallen Pale Ale can be bought online:

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joehumanity November 15, 2014 - 4:49 pm

I agree with you here- at first I was overjoyed with the expectation of a faceful of citrusy hops, but the watery body was a disappointment.


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