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Sagami Beer Alt by Koganei Shuzo

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I was given this beer by a friend, Mr K, in exchange for a brew I had at home. Mr K is an outdoorsman, in tune with nature, but also able to fix any mechanical problem he might come across. It’s that diametric nature of his that makes receiving this beer from him especially appropriate. Sagami Beer Alt tastes earthy yet metallic; it’s light like a lager but warming like a whiskey.

Sagami Beer Alt

Some people embrace the alt life-style. BeerTengoku loves all beers equally.


Sagami Beer Alt Nose and Flavour

Sagami Beer Alt pours with a frothy head that has the staying power of a glacier. An old school glacier, not those wimpy ones you get these days. I poured this one, drank it a bit, chased my nephew around like a gorilla, came back and it was still going strong. It has a subtle, metallic nose that permeates the air over time; upon pouring it was barely noticeable, yet post-simian workout it was much stronger. There’s a clear, nutty, slightly bitter taste, warming the throat and stomach as it goes down.

Sagami Beer Alt One Line Review

Sagami Beer Alt is a light-tasting alt type, with that curious warming effect which could be from a mysterious ingredient or brewing process. If you want an alt, this one is up there.


 Where to Buy Sagami Beer Alt

Sagami Beer Alt can be bought online at via Sagami Beer’s portal on nomanma.


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