Sagami Pale Ale by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Pale Ale さがみペールエール

Sagami Pale Ale is a 4.5% American style pale ale from Koganei Shuzo, who are better known as Sagami Beer. The original Sagami Pale Ale featured a different water profile before the usage of locally sourced water from the Tanzawa mountain range. It is always brewed exclusively with American Cascade hops too. Sagami Pale Ale Aroma and Taste I have to admit …


Sagami Weizen by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Weizen

Sagami Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen from Koganei Shuzo that is brewed to a German recipe that contains over 50% German wheat, with the deeper colours being provided by the pilsner malt used too. Sagami Weizen can be found on draft and also in bottles across Kanagawa. And that’s all about I could find out about it. Sagami Weizen Aroma …

Sagami Kabosu by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Kabosu

Sagami Kabosu is a 5% fruit beer from Koganei Shuzo that uses locally sourced kabosu, a fruit that is similar to yuzu but has no direct English translation, from the Atusgi city area. This classifies Sagami Kabosu as a low-malt beer, otherwise known as the dreaded happo-shu style beer. Sagami Kabosu is available all year-round from Koganei Shuzo in bottles. Sagami Kabosu …

Sagami Stout by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Stout さがみスタウト

Sagami Stout is a 5% stout beer from Koganei Shuzo, makers of the Sagami Beer range, based in Atusgi, Kanagawa. Like the rest of the Sagami Beer range, this beer only has a shelf life of about three months and can seldom be found outside of the restaurant and online shop; however, after a short trip to Yokohama, and World Gourmet, …


Sagami Beer by Koganei Shuzo Information

Sagami Beer Line up

You may have heard of Sagami Beer, but have you heard of Koganei Shuzo? If not, then it is not a big surprise as they are better known for being a sake distillery rather than a beer producer. The distillery is located in the foothills of the Tanzawa range of mountains in western Kanagawa, near Atusgi city and they started …

Sagami Beer Alt by Koganei Shuzo

Sagami Beer Alt

I was given this beer by a friend, Mr K, in exchange for a brew I had at home. Mr K is an outdoorsman, in tune with nature, but also able to fix any mechanical problem he might come across. It’s that diametric nature of his that makes receiving this beer from him especially appropriate. Sagami Beer Alt tastes earthy …