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Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles by Baird Beer

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Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles is a 5% helles lager based on the traditional Bavarian style of helles lager, also known as a pale lager in English. Helles lager, meaning bright, was originally designed to be separate from dunkel, meaning dark, from the same region. Shuzenji Heritage Helles is based on the principal of tying the past to the present and onwards to the future.

Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles ベアード修善寺ヘリテッジヘレスBaird Shuzenji Heritage Helles Aroma and Taste

Shuzenji Heritage Helles pours out a hazy brown colour that is slightly golden when held up to the light. The head is not substantial but it is there for a while. Shuzenji Heritage Helles smells like the countryside; full of grain and hops, with a distinct citrus nose to it, unusual for a helles lager, but welcome to see a twist on a classic.

Drinking it is a strange experience. It has a full malt body to it that contrasts with some kind of biscuit taste, perhaps shortbread or digestive, that was unexpected. The aftertaste was slightly bitter but did not linger long considering the aroma and taste of the beer.

Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles One-line Review

Shuzenji Heritage Helles is a modern take on the helles recipe that is welcome but unusual.


Where to Buy Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles

Shuzenji Heritage Helles can be bought online at goodbeer, sakaya okadaya, or for those readers living in Tokyo, La Collier in Tokyo Station.

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