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For those that have been out and about in Shibuya, you have probably come across Good Beer Faucets, located about 10 minutes from the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station. If you haven’t been, what’s your excuse? Luckily enough, the shop also has an online store where you can purchase those beers you think you may have drunk on your last outing there.

GoodBeer set image

They certainly do have some good beer sets on sale. (Editor: stop it with the jokes)

GoodBeer has lots of options, such as recommended beers, their rankings for the month, and also beer sets as chosen by them and they have one of the largest ranges of Japanese craft beers online, from the popular Baird Beer, to Atusgi Beer, and the award winning Minoh beer from Osaka. GoodBeer also stocks import beer from America and the UK.

Shipping prices are a little pricey, ranging from ¥924 to places in the Kanto, Chubu, Shinetsu, Hokuriku, and Kansai areas, to ¥1734 for Okinawa. They also offer refrigerated deliveries, another excuse to start drinking early, from ¥1140 to  ¥1950 for the aforementioned places.

Customer service is swift and they will send plenty of emails telling you about your order. Well worth a look and GoodBeer is one of the best online sellers of Japanese craft beer.


GoodBeer Details

Homepage (in Japanese): http://goodbeer.jp/

SNS: Facebook

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