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Konishi Brewing Company Information

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Konishi Brewing Company

Konishi Brewing Company is brewery based in Osaka, Hyogo prefecture, that like many other craft beer breweries, started out in the sake brewing business over 450 years ago in 1550. With the popularity of Belgian beers, the Konishi Brewing company primarily focuses on Belgian style beers with their range and are also importers of beers from Belgium.

Konishi Brewing Company Main Lineup

The following beers are part of their all year round lineup:

  • Konishi Snow Blanche – A 5% Belgian witbier that has been infused with coriander and orange peel.
  • Konishi Garnet Rouge – A 5.5% speciality grain beer that has been brewed using Japanese black rice.
  • Konishi Dark – A 4.5% Belgian ale.
  • Konishi Blonde – A 4.5% blonde ale that is brewed using 100% pilsner malt.
  • Konishi Howaka – A 3.0% Belgian witbier that is brewed using Yamadanishiki Sake Rice.
  • Konishi Komin Bakushu – A 4.5% traditional ale – whatever that means.
  • Osaka Bay Blues – A 5% witbier brewed with orange and coriander.

Konishi Brewing Company Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following beers are part of the seasonal and limited edition lineup

  • Konishi Citrus – a 4.5% fruit beer brewed using grapefruit and is released in summer.
  • Konishi Chocola Premium – a 5.5% Belgian ale that is infused with Belgian chocolate and cocoa. It’s released for Valentine’s Day.

Konishi Brewing Company Details

Address: 2-13 Higashi-Arioka Itami, Hyogo, Japan 664-0845

Phone: 072-775-0524

Homepage: Japanese / English

Online store: http://choujugura.com/

SNS: Facebook

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