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Himitsu Eclipse by Himitsu Beer

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Himitsu Eclipse is a 9% imperial stout from Himitsu Beer, based in Mie, in Mie, Japan. It’s part of their winter lineup and can be found in both cans and on draught. Himitsu Eclipse is the first black beer to be made by Himitsu Beer though there is a distinct lack of information about it besides using brown sugar as an adjunct.

Himitsu Eclipse

Himitsu Eclipse : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 9%
  • Style : Imperial stout
  • Hops :
  • IBU :

Sale Information

  • Availability : Winter seasonal
  • On Sale : From January 2023
  • Size : 350 ml
  • Price : From 800 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Cacao and chocolate with light coffee aroma. Slight roasted black malt and vanilla like quality to the nose. No alcohol heat.
  • Notable Tastes : Smooth, rounded flavour of cacao and chocolate with light coffee flourish. Light roasted black malt bitterness with medium body.

Himitsu Eclipse : Aroma & Taste

Himitsu Eclipse poured out a pitch black colour, with a medium gloopiness to it, and a medium amount of tan coloured head that left some lacing during drinking. The aroma was a classic imperial stout, with lots of cacao and chocolate aroma being present, which was followed up with some coffee notes too. As Himitsu Eclipse warmed up, there was a touch of black malt, in a roasted capacity, present, along with a touch of vanilla-like nose too. The can didn’t mention anything about any vanilla being used, nor could I find any information about Himitsu Eclipse and its grain / adjunct lineup – so either its my nose and brain expecting that aroma, or there was in fact some in there. The alcohol, at 9%, was well hidden and didn’t come through during drinking.

After letting Himitsu Eclipse warm up – I’ve said it plenty of times, let your imperial stouts warm up before drinking – I was treated to a well-rounded and balanced body of beer. The cacao and chocolate flavours were the first to come through, no surprise there, but the coffee flavour was much lighter than I was expecting. Perhaps the cacao and chocolate were a touch dominant over the coffee, but it was different. Himitsu Eclipse had a touch of roasted black malt bitterness that lied in waiting, though it didn’t have the acrid quality to it that using a large amount can bring with it. The beer had a medium body to it, allowing the flavours to linger through to the end.

Himitsu Eclipse : The Bottom Line

Himitsu Eclipse is a good first black beer from Himitsu Beer and one worth finding.


Himitsu Eclipse : Where to Buy

Himitsu Eclipse can be bought online at the following places:

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