Ageuma Beer / Hosokawa Brewery Information

Ageuma Beer Logo

Hosokawa Brewery, like many others that came out at the time, is originally a sake brewery that later opened up a beer brewery in the form of Ageuma Beer. The sake brewery started out in 1850, while the range of Ageuma Beer’s first came on sale in August 1997. All of the beers produced in the Ageuma Beer range have …


Hi no Tani Kogen Beer Information

Hi no Tani Beer

Hi no Tani Kogen Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Mie, Japan. They are also sometimes called Fire Valley Beer as well, though since 2015, their beers have been progressively marketed under the Japanese name. It’s part of the Mizawa resort, that first opened in 1954, with the brewery itself opening in July 1998. The brewery came about …

Ise Kadoya Brewery Information

Ise Kadoya Brewery Logo

Ise Kadoya Brewery, which opened in 1997,┬áis a brewery located┬áin Ise city, Mie prefecture. The name Ise Kadoya stems from the area of Japan the brewery is located in and also the family name that has been passed down over the last few centuries. It is owned by the Ise Kadoya Company which also runs a shop called Nikenchaya with …