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Len Kyoto Kawaramachi in Kawaramachi Kyoto

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Len Kyoto Kawaramachi The Bottom Line

It kind of feels like cheating reviewing Len Kyoto Kawaramachi as it’s a hostel more than a bar, but they have craft beer on tap daily so it counts. If you’re walked a bit too much and want a break from the crowds of tourists, then pop over to Len. While there are only three taps on at Len, the chilled out atmosphere and delicious aromas made me stay for a bit longer than expected. The whole place is non-smoking inside, though the tables outside do allow smoking. There is also free WiFi and no table charge. As Len Kyoto Kawaramachi is geared towards tourists, there is also a lot of English available too.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi Inside

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi The Full Review

I originally tried to stay at Len Kyoto Kawaramachi for this trip down to Kyoto, not because of the bar on the first floor that serves beer from 8am, but because of the comfortable lodgings. Instead, I ended up in some expensive capsule hotel that looked like just a box of plywood and I couldn’t bear to be in there besides for sleeping. I wasn’t going to let Len Kyoto Kawaramachi get away from me, so walking towards the fourth bar of the trip – more on that later – I stopped into Len Kyoto Kawaramachi. And still regret not staying there to this day.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi is situated between Kawaramachi station, Gojo station, and also Kiyomizu-gojo station. It’s right in the middle of a quaint Kyoto area next to Kamogawa – River Kamo – that stretches from the northern part of Kyoto to the southern part where it joins up with the River Katsura. During the day, Len Kyoto Kawaramachi is technically a cafe, with the bar and dining hours starting from 5pm. There is lots of space in the airy first floor of the building, with the main doors open when the weather is good. However, while the inside is non-smoking, you can smoke if you sit at the tables outside. There is no table charge and there is also free WiFi too.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi Beer 1Len Kyoto Kawaramachi Beer 2

There are three taps of craft beer on at Len Kyoto Kawaramachi, which are available throughout the day. I’m going to ignore the macro beer as it’s just not worth drinking. There are three sizes of beer – small (265ml) at ¥600, regular (470ml) at ¥1,000, and big (1000ml) at ¥1,800. All prices include tax as well. There isn’t any happy hour, nor any beer flights available at Len Kyoto Kawaramachi.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi also offers up some freshly cooked food, based on locally sourced ingredients, but after having eating at a small stall on the way to the place, I wasn’t hungry and also didn’t see any chips on the menu. The menus also had a smattering of English on them; however, the staff were more than happy to communicate in English without evening asking.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi Details

Open: Daily 08:00 – 24:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 075-361-1177

Homepage: English / Japanese

SNS: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Len Kyoto Kawaramachi

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi is situated between Kawaramachi station, Gojo station, and also Kiyomizu-gojo station.

Directions from Gojo Station

Directions from Kawaramachi Station

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