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Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi in Kobe, Hyogo

by Rob
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Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : The Bottom Line

In terms of options for craft beer, there are a few but Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi rates very highly in my book as it ticks most, if not all, the standards that I expect from a decent bar in Japan. The prices are reasonable, there is outside drinking, the food is good, but more importantly, the selection of beers and they are served is great. Next time I’m in the area, I will definitely be popping in for some beers and gyoza

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi Inside

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : The Full Review

I was in Kobe for a few hours, and after having spent most of the morning walking around the place, I thought it would be a good idea to find somewhere to get some lunch. Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi had been on my radar for the morning so a stroll was in order to get from Flower Park to the part of the city where the taproom is located but on such a sunny day, the trains were not a thought.

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi is located in the Sannnomiya-cho area of Kobe, and is just up the road from – take a deep breath – Kyūkyoryūchi-Daimarumae Station, which is on the Kaigan Line. The bar, while not having any brewing facilities on site, is the taproom for Open Air Brewing and opened in May 2022.

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : Atmosphere & Interior

I arrived at Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi just at opening, and as such, had run of the place, but seeing as there was only me – a friend couldn’t make it – I chose to sit at the counter, though in hindsight, I would have preferred to have sat outside when the weather was so beautiful. There is also a second floor space for larger groups. In total, there is seating for around 50 people, with two counters for seating on the first and second floor, and various combinations of tables inside and outside. The good news is that all of the seating areas are non-smoking, which also includes the outside areas, there is no table charge, and also some free WiFi.


The bar was very relaxing I must admit, with the counter seats being at *just* the right height so you’re not slumped over the bar, nor are you forced to sit bolt upright to reach the bar. There was some light music in the background being played, and like most places, it was loud enough to be heard but not enough to be a distraction for conversations.

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : Beer & Tap Information

It shouldn’t be a surprise but Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi only had beers from Open Air Brewing on – as mentioned before, it is the taproom for the brewery. However, there are 12 taps of beers on with a variety of styles to suit most people – well I was happy with the selection on offer. The beers come in two sizes: glass (270 ml) from ¥660 and US pint (470 ml) from ¥1,100 with those prices including tax. The beers were well served, with the glasses being washed before serving, and then being topped up upon request. There is also a three beer tasting flight, which at ¥1,430 gets you a selection of 3 beers as chosen by the staff in approximately 200 ml sized glasses. For those looking to get beers to takeaway, there is also a small hatch at the front of the store where you can do so, with the selection being not too dissimilar as to what is on tap.

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : Food Information

I wasn’t super hungry when I went to Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi – I had a long morning of walking and decided to pop into 2 Bro’s Pizza for a quick NY slice – I can’t resist pizza! – but wanted to try some of the food at Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi, so I went for the usual of chips, cooked to perfection with some crunch on the outside and a little bit of softness on the inside, and some local Kobe pork gyoza, which were stupidly hot but that’s my fault for not letting them cool down. While I was given a Japanese menu, there was an option for an English menu and there were some options for vegans on the menu.

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : Details

Open Air Brewing Kobe Machi : Location

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