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Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise by Yggdrasil Brewing

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Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise is a 5.2% fruited saison from Yggdrasil Brewing, based in Hiratsuka, in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s part of their draft line, but due to Covid-19, it was bottled and put on sale, so it’s unknown at the time of writing if this beer will come out in bottles again. Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise uses the Yggdrasil Cervoise based, a saison, and is fruited using hyuganatsu, a citrus fruit and plant grown in Japan.

Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise ・イグドラジルシトロスサーヴォイズ

Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise Aroma and Taste

Not knowing that this was a supposed to be a fruited saison before drinking, I got an IPA glass – a new one after someone in my family broke the last one though I do not hold any grudge towards them at all, no not at all – but this was a happy little mistake. Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise poured out a light straw colour with a plump white head on top, though that faded fast to leave a few rings around the side of the glass. It had a citrusy orange nose to it, with a subtle yeast phenolic aroma coming through as well when chilled, that got a little stronger as it warmed up. Some light dusting of pilsner sweetness coming through.

There was a bitter tartness to Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise – nothing like a hoppy one, but a definite note of fruitiness that came through and lingered during drinking. The citrus and orange notes were prevalent during drinking – lasting right through from the initial sip to the final drink of the beer. It’s not going to screw your face up, but it’s there. The body was light and dry, with no real sense of alcohol heat coming through either when chilled or warmed up. Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise did end up being a little one-dimensional so if you don’t like hyuganatsu, then you might end up getting bored of Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise.


Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise The Bottom Line

Fruit and saisons go well together – try Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise and you’ll see why.

Where to Buy Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise

Yggdrasil Citrus Cervoise can be bought online at the following places:

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