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Kanpai! Brewing Information

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Kanpai! Brewing is a Japanese microbrewery located in Bunkyo, in Tokyo, Japan. Kanpai! Brewing, also known as Kanpai Brewing, is the brewery behind Craft Beer Granzoo, a small taproom for them on the first / ground floor of the building. Kanpai! Brewing opened its doors in March 2019 with the brewery getting its license the following month and the taproom eventually opening at the end of May 2019. Before starting brewing beer at Kanpai! Brewing, the head brewer, Arai-san worked at Shiki Beer, in Saitama for around four months in spring 2018. The taproom, comes from “Gran” of the company name “Grand Blue” of Brewing and “Zoo” of the company’s other store name “Zoogunzoo”.

Kanpai! Brewing : Beers

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Kanpai! Brewing:

Kanpai! Brewing : Articles

The following are some of the articles about Kanpai! Brewing

Kanpai! Brewing : Information

  • Address: 〒112-0014 Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Sekiguchi 1−28−12
  • Phone: 03-6233-8172
  • Homepage (in Japanese): N/A
  • Online Store: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

Kanpai! Brewing : Location

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