Devilcraft Brewery Information

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Besides being a popular pizza and craft beer chain of shops, Devilcraft also have a brewery, which is located in Oimachi, in Tokyo, Japan. The story is that the original Kanda branch was going to be a brewpub, but the pizza and craft beer proved to be so popular that it didn’t make sense to take out some of the …


Vertere Beer Information

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Vertere Beer is a microbrewery located in Okutama, in western Tokyo, Japan. The brewery opened up March 2016 and also operate a small bar called Beer Café Vertere. Vertere founders, Hikari Suzuki and brewer Tsukino Kokage are two friends from high school. In December 2014, they established the Vertere company with the idea of “Imagine who, where and how to …


An Interview With DevilCraft

Devilcraft Brewery

If you live in the Kanto area, the three branches of Devilcraft – the first in Kanda and the second in Hamamatsucho with the third in Gotanda having opened in June – should be on your go-to list for craft beer and pizza. Even for those outside of Kanto, a visit to Tokyo often ends up going to Devilcraft. It’s safe to …

Far Yeast Brewing Company

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Far Yeast Brewing Company is a Tokyo based company that was originally established in 2011 as Nippon Craft Beer Inc. In November 2014, after much deliberating, they decided to change the name to something that better represented their product. However, none of their beers are brewed by themselves rather Far Yeast Brewing Company is a phantom or gypsy brewing company …

Ishikawa Brewery Information

Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery, makers of the Tama no Megumi range of craft beer, is a brewery / sake distillery located in Fussa city, west Tokyo. The current range of Tama no Megumi beers were first brewed back in 1998, but the brewery first started making German style beers back in 1887 under the guise of Nihon Bakushu, or Japan Beer. Unfortunately, …

TY Harbor Brewery Information

TY Harbor

Located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, TY Harbor Brewery was one of the first breweries to participate in the brewpub movement in Japan, opening in 1997. One of only a few breweries now in the 23 wards of Tokyo, it came about without backing from a major brewery and is modelled on a West Coast American brewery restaurant. All of the TY Harbor restaurants …