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Maruyama Wine in Chuo-ku, Sapporo

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Maruyama Wine is a small bottle shop, located in the JR Sapporo station building, in Sapporo. It’s geared towards wine, but it does have some craft beer in stock – both in cans and in bottles – from Japan and overseas. There is also a small standing bar, that has a tap or two on, though on the day I went there, they were cleaning the beer lines, so it was cans and bottles only. The shop / standing bar is located in the Paseo Building, on the first floor, right outside the

Maruyama Wine

One word of warning, and that’s make sure whatever you buy, you do not drink in store as there is an extortionate corkage fee of 550 yen for anything bought to consume in the store – which in some cases is more than the cost of the beer itself.

I wanted to get a beer to drink there and then – not that I am adverse to walking and drinking but with all the snow still around, no doubt I would have slipped up at some point and then had an injury. Instead, I just walked out without buying anything and that’s a real shame. You see, Maruyama Wine is in the perfect location to pop in and have a beer once you have finished your train journey or day of work.

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