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Rohan and Heaven’s Door in Benten, Niigata

by Rob
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Rohan and Heaven’s Door The Bottom Line

With Bar Olive and Olive Another Pint just across the road, I can’t recommend Rohan and Heaven’s Door to anyone, unless you’re trying to impress someone where the popular kids hang out. With tax not included in the prices, and a smoking policy both inside and outside, this place has got a lot of work to do to compete with the others I came across in Niigata. A shame really as it could be a nice place. Prices didn’t include tax, and there is a table charge of ¥500 too.

Rohan and Heaven's Door Inside

Rohan and Heaven’s Door Full Review

Thinking Rohan and Heaven’s Door was initially two separate places caused some confusion when trying to find the place. I knew that it was across from Bar Pint Olive but didn’t know it was the same place. Rohan and Heaven’s Door is owned by the same group that seems to run other craft beer bars in Niigata – Smoke Cafe group.

The two buildings to Rohan and Heaven’s Door are straight across from each, with Rohan being the first building on the left as you approach it and Heaven’s Door being the building on the right. There is space for about 70 people seated in Rohan and 45 people in Heaven’s Door. Unfortunately, both of them are smoking, as is the outside seating area. On top of this, there is also a table charge of ¥500 to contend with as well for those worried about that too. There is also free WiFi to connect to as well. The atmosphere though was far more livelier and buzzing than other places I went into in Niigata but that was probably due to the crowd – most of the people seemed to be fresh-faced university students on dates or with parties.

Rohan and Heaven's Door Beer 1
You better like Echigo Beer.
Rohan and Heaven's Door Beer 2
Echigo Pilsner - crisp and dry.
Rohan and Heaven's Door Beer 3
Echigo Red Ale

Whichever one you go to, the beer menu at Rohan and Heaven’s Door is the same. There were four taps of domestic craft beer on, with lots of bottles imported in from overseas. Beers come in two sizes: half UK pint (280ml) for ¥600 and UK pint (560ml) for ¥1,100. Not bad considering the same size in other parts in Japan would be another couple of hundred yen on top. Unfortunately, prices don’t include tax so make sure you factor that in as well. The bottles were some of the priciest I’ve seen in a bar so if you can, avoid them.

Rohan and Heaven's Door Food 1
Tower of onion rings - smoke fumes out of shot.
Rohan and Heaven's Door Food 2
Sausage! Massive!

The food at Rohan and Heaven’s Door seemed to be based around a mixture of different countries – tapas, pasta, pizzas, and of course the deep fried chips and onion rings too. However, trying to eat food in a such a smoky place was neither pleasurable nor fulfilling.

Rohan and Heaven’s Door Details

Open: Sunday to Thursday 17:00 ~ 01:00 (L.O Food and Drink 0:00) Friday – Saturday and National Holidays 17:00 ~ 03:00 (L.O Food and Drink 2:00)

Happy Hour: No

Phone: 050-5852-0993

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.smokecafe.jp/rohan

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Rohan and Heaven’s Door

The closest station to the two bars is Niigata station on the Hakushin Line, Echigo Line, and  Shinetsu Main Line. Take the north exit and the bar is about a five minute walk.

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