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Vertere Bottle Shop in Oku-tama, Tokyo

by Rob
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Vertere Bottle Shop : The Bottom Line

It seems a bit weird to be writing a bottom line for a bottle shop for a brewery but you know what, Vertere Bottle Shop is convenient for those who are in the area, and want a beer or few for supplies for a BBQ, to carry a few cans to the campsite, or perhaps some beers for the train journey home. It isn’t going to win awards for its food (there is none) nor for on-site drinking (go to the cafe for that) but for what it does, it does it well.

Vertere Bottle Shop : The Longer Line

For some reason, in 2020 I got bitten by the cycling bug and with Covid-19 extending into 2021, I have cycled more and more, travelling further and further afield. Oku-tama, in the western reaches of Tokyo, is a part of the country that I have enjoyed (check out the campsites and BBQs in the area) and struggled through (Ome marathon). It also has some stunning scenery to hike or cycle through, with the changing of the leaves during the autumn months another reason to come to the area. However, I had never cycled to Oku-tama and for some reason, I decided to. From my house. Round trip. 200km. Because I wanted a beer.

Vertere Bottle Shop is located right outside of Oku-tama Station, on the Ome line, so you can’t really miss it. However, there really isn’t much to write about it without stating the obvious. It’s the bottle shop for Vertere, the local brewery, and only sells Vertere’s beer. No snacks. No meals. Nothing else. If you want more, then you have to go to Beer Cafe Vertere, but on the day I cycled up, it was during the umpteenth State of Emergency, and as such, Beer Cafe Vertere was closed. An excuse for another ride up I guess?

Yes, that’s all there was to eat after cycling 100km. A local shop was selling some inari sushi, so I picked up one set with a beer to have at the station. The lady serving saw my bike and enquired about where I had come from and once hearing this, gave me another box of inari sushi as she thought I would need the energy to get home. In spite of my protestations, she wouldn’t take my money. So if you’re hungry, pop next door and give them some business.


Vertere Bottle Shop : The Details

  • Open: Weekends 10:00 – 18:00
  • Closed: Weekdays
  • Phone: 0428-85-8590
  • Homepage:
  • Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

Vertere Bottle Shop : Getting There

The closest station is Oku-tama on the Ome line.

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