AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged by Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged ・AJB夜雀バレルエイジド

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged is a 9% barleywine from Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company, based in Nozawa-Onsen, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range and was brewed with Kyoto Brewing Company, based in Kyoto. As the name suggests, AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged was barrel aged, though in what kind of casks is unknown and takes it name from the Japanese word for “night sparrow” – perhaps an inside hint into when you should drink it I wonder? It’s availability though at the time of writing is unknown.

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged ・AJB夜雀バレーエージド

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged Aroma and Taste

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged poued out a dark hazy golden brown colour with a large fluffy white head on top that collapsed in on itself quickly to leave some bubbles around the side of the glass. There was a distinct oaky and tannic aroma coming off the beer, with some hints of vanilla, raisins and plums. Once AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged had been given the chance to warm up, there was a big boozy aroma to it – surprising as at 9% I wasn’t expecting it to be that boozy really.

The body was smooth and well-rounded while still retaining the tannic and oak flavours from the barrel. AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged was just a tad on the sweet side – something that often stops me from drinking a lot of barley wine to be honest. The alcohol flavours were boozy, like in the nose, with some raisin and plum flavours coming along too. The lingering oak flavours were bolder than the malt sweetness, that helped to make AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged easier drinking than most barrel lines.

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged The Bottom Line

A nice and smooth barrel aged barley wine from AJB (and KBC!)

Where to Buy AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged

AJB Yosuzume Barrel Aged can be bought online at the following places:

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