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Vertere Passiflora by Vertere

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Vertere Passiflora is a 5.5% NE-IPA / hazy IPA from Vertere, based in Oku-tama, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both cans and on tap across various places. Vertere Passiflora is brewed using Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops with American Ale Yeast though which strain is unknown at the time of writing.

Vertere Passiflora・バテレパシフローラVertere Passiflora Aroma and Taste

Vertere Passiflora pours out, unsurprisingly, a hazy golden orange colour with a plump white head on top that clung to the side of the glass throughout drinking. The aroma coming off the beer was of a tropical one – pineapples and mangoes, with some lemon and grapefruit also joining in too. Once it had warmed up, there was a fainy resiny nose to the beer, but it wasn’t potent enough to take over the aroma of the tropical fruits. There was a subtle sweetness to Vertere Passiflora but only once it had warmed up somewhat.

There was no bitter kick during the drinking of Vertere Passiflora, rather it was much smoother than expected with no discernible saltiness to it either. The hops brought a stickiness to the beer that meant the pineapple and mango flavours really lingered through drinking with the citrus flavours only really permeating through once the beer had warmed up. The malts did bring a light bready sweetness during drinking but the hops were the star of this beer and with the alcohol being rather restrained, meant that Vertere Passiflora was an easy-drinking beer. The aftertaste was, and this isn’t going to be a surprise to many, tropical and lingering.

Vertere Passiflora The Bottom Line

Vertere Passiflora is a well-made hazy IPA that focuses well on the fruitiness that hops can bring.


Where to Buy Vertere Passiflora

Vertere Passiflora can be bought online at the following places:

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