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Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop by Minamishinshu Beer Company

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Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop is a 6.5% autumn seasonal fruit beer from Minamishinsu Beer Company that is produced using blueberries to a similar recipe to the Minamishinshu Apple Hop. It started originally as a spring seasonal beer though in 2015, Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop was released in September rather than in March. Why the change? Who knows. It escaped the craft beer news outlets in Japan though it can now be found more readily in bottles and on draft.

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop

The blueberries lend themselves to produce a strong pinkish hue in the body.

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop Aroma and Taste

Blueberries and beer aren’t that common a combination from my drinking in Japan, in fact, Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop is the first one I have come across in twelve years of being in Japan. However, to be honest, I’ve not tried that hard to look for one though either. Even though I enjoyed the North Island Mikkeller Haskape Blonde and the Minamishinshu Apple Hop, I was a tad nervous with this one.

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop had a strong pinkish hue to the body with a small ring of white head around the top of the beer. It dissipated quite quickly though a thin ring remained around the side of the glass as the beer went down. The pungent aroma of blueberries was most peculiar as it dominated over the malts, which didn’t seem to produce any noticeable aromas. I wonder how many kilograms of blueberries went into making Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop? Answers in an email please if anyone knows.

Even though Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop is a fruit beer, there was a hint of blonde-ness to it due to the sharp, bitter nature of the blueberries that had been used. The malts were again lacking and this meant that the blueberry was the dominating flavour throughout – a shame as it could have done with some sweetness or some hop flavour to help support the taste. When the aftertaste began to resemble blueberries, I knew I had had enough of Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop.


Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop One Line Review

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop is an ok fruit beer but not really worth hunting down unless you are a huge fruit beer fan.

Where to Buy Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop

Minamishinshu Blueberry Hop can be bought at the following places online:

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