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Helios Weizen by Helios Brewery

by BeerTengoku Writer

Helios Weizen is brewed based on a German kristalweizen recipe which means, in English, it’s a clear wheat beer. It’s also called Blue Sky And Sea Beer due to the kanji on the can but pretty much no one in Japan calls it that. Helios Weizen is one of Helios’ main lineup and can be easily found across Okinawa.

helios weizen

I hope you like those bananas.

Helios Weizen Aroma and Taste

Even though Helios Weizen is styled as a clear wheat beer, it is anything but that when poured out. It comes out a very hazy, golden straw-like colour with a fairly clean white head. Not a good sign really. The large head dissipated fairly quickly but the whiff of bananas got to us. Helios Weizen has a potent smell of bananas. So much so that it’s difficult to really smell anything else. Perhaps some wheat coming off of it, but by jove, those bananas really smell.

I really can’t stress enough how much the banana flavour comes across. If you know someone who is allergic to bananas then don’t let them anywhere near Helios Weizen. The banana flavour is one of the strongest flavours in the taste of this beer; however, there is a sweetness to it that does take some of the edge off of this it. There are also some spicy notes to it as well; some cloves that are there along with a twang of medicinal taste to it. Perhaps aniseed too? Helios Weizen rounds off with a stickiness to the throat with the banana flavour finally not present.

Helios Weizen One-Line Review

Helios Weizen is a marmite beer. If you like strong, brash weizens then you’ll be happy with it. Else, give it a wide berth and try a different weizen.


Where to Buy Helios Weizen

Helios Weizen is readily available across Okinawa, and has been seen in Three-F convinis across Japan. If you really want to try it, then you can find it on Rakuten here at the time of writing.

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Oliver August 11, 2017 - 8:28 pm

Yes, it is a banana beer. Quite sweet. Would probably better to call this a fruit beer, and not a weizen.

Joe Robson August 11, 2017 - 11:20 pm

I haven’t had this beer for ages, and it’s in my local Mine Mart these days. Wonder if it is still as bananery as I remember.


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