Uchu Monk by Uchu Brewing

Uchu Monk・うちゅモンク

Uchu Monk is an 8.5% NE-IPA from Uchu Brewing, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition series and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Though classified as a milkshake IPA, let’s be honest, that’s just a sub-style of New England IPAs. Uchu Monk is brewed using Citra hops, and contains adjuncts in the form of vanilla beans and lactose. It has also been double dry-hopped, which means it has had two infusions of hops post-fermentation. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Uchu Monk is a one-off or if we can expect more of it in the future.

Uchu Monk・うちゅモンク

Uchu Monk Aroma and Taste

I’ll get my usual tirade of milkshake IPA out of the way first – THE STYLE DOES NOT EXIST! IT’S JUST PEOPLE DUMPING IN ADJUNCTS!

Done. Let’s get back to our usual programming shall we?

Uchu Monk poured out a slightly hazy straw yellow colour, with a medium amount of plump white head on top. Nothing as crazy as I thought it was going to be, but enough to show up. The aroma was of vanilla and citrus lemon notes, along with some hints of melon going on. An interesting combination but again, not as potent as I thought it was going to be – far more restrained than other kinds of hazy beers I’ve had – both from the USA and Japan. There was little malt aroma coming off of Uchu Monk, a little smidgen of creamy lactose sweetness was present though.

The bitterness to Uchu Monk was very low – it was present but nothing to screw your face up. Uchu Monk was all about the hops and creaminess to it. The mango and lemon flavours were nice, but lacked punch – surprising from Uchu Brewing really considering their past beers we’ve had. The lingering creaminess made up for it, but then that’s not something I care for outside of stouts or imperial stouts. The aftertaste had a slight saltiness to it once Uchu Monk had warmed up, but again, nothing potent. At 8.5% though, the lack of booziness was the biggest surprise – very well hidden, I must say.

Uchu Monk The Bottom Line

Uchu Monk is a drinkable beer – not something I will hunt for but it’s interesting enough for me to have enjoyed it somewhat.

Where to Buy Uchu Monk

Uchu Monk can be bought online at the following places:

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