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Fujiyama Heisei by Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer

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Fujiyama Heisei is a 5% fruit beer from Fujiyama Hunter’s Beer, based in Fujinomiya, in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. It is brewed using rice from the local area, and also daidai, a kind of bitter orange found across Asia. Due to the addition of rice and daidai, Fujiyama Heisei is actually classified as a happoshu, so more than 5% of the grain bill is adjuncts.

Fujiyama Heisei ・ふじやま平成

Fujiyama Heisei Aroma and Taste

Fujiyama Heisei poured out a dull orange colour with a minimal amount of white head – well, it was more a case of a few bubbles on top at the edge of the glass. It had a strong astringent bitter nose to it that had a distinct orange-like aroma to it. The rice came through once Fujiyama Heisei had warmed up and was reminiscent of a rice lager aroma. Fujiyama Heisei also had a slight lemon and grapefruit aroma to it as well but it was hiding well-behind the oranges.

The astringency of the beer can’t be ignored, mainly because it’s there from the get-go, but Fujiyama Heisei is a damn refreshing beer, with just the right balance of fruit, bitterness, and slight biscuit base to it as well. The bitterness did let off though once the beer had taken the time to warm up – it’s a difficult choice but do let Fujiyama Heisei warm up. It finished off with a lingering orange and lemon flavour that was rather smooth.


Fujiyama Heisei The Bottom Line

I liked Fujiyama Heisei – a nice fruit beer that would be great on a hot summer’s day.

Where to Buy Fujiyama Heisei

Fujiyama Heisei can be bought online at the following places:

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