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Vertere Aria by Vertere

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Vertere Aria is a 5.7% American Pale Ale from Vertere, based in Oku-tama, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both cans and on tap at various places across Japan. The name stems from the fact that Aria is the scientific name for the alder-leafed whitebeam, which is found quite readily in the Oku-tama area. Vertere Aria is hopped using imported American Citra hops.

Vertere Aria・バテレアリア

Vertere Aria Aroma and Taste

Vertere Aria poured out a slightly hazy golden honey colour with a fluffy white head on top that left a sticky residue down the side of the glass. Vertere Aria had a light floral nose to it, with lashings of citrus fruits thrown in for good measure – think of grapefruit and lemons, along with a dash of lime and you’re on the road to what Vertere Aria smells like. Once it had warmed up, there was a light dusting of malt biscuit nose to it, but nothing cloying in it at all.

The body had a smooth bitterness that was neither overpowering nor did it linger for too long. The citrusy bite of grapefruit and lemons was smooth and combined with the subtle sweetness from the malts, was well-balanced and very drinkable. Vertere Aria had a light crisp body which was perfect for the late burst of Autumn warmth I was experiencing on the day I drank it. The citrus notes lingered into the aftertaste, but faded fast once the beer had been drunk.


Vertere Aria The Bottom Line

Single hopped beers are a difficult one to balance, but with Vertere Aria, it’s turned out well.

Where to Buy Vertere Aria

Vertere Aria can be bought online at the following places:

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