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Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage by Derailleur Brew Works

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Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage is a 7% bier de garde from Derailleur Brew Works, based in Osaka, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage is brewed using mikans, aka Japanese oranges, sourced from Ehime, during the boil. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage is a one-off brew or will be made again.

Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage・ディレイラハギノチャヤアウトレイジ

Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage Aroma and Taste

Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage poured out a dark golden brown colour with a small amount of pure white head. Considering there had been oranges added into Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage, there was no discernible aroma of them. Instead, there was a weird medicinal funk coming off of the beer – almost like a cheap bottle of home brew from someone’s first ever batch. The malt sweetness was the next distinct aroma but Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage just smelt off – even though it had been bottled at the beginning of February. When Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage had warmed up, there was a fruity aroma to it – but it wasn’t of oranges strangely enough.

The body tasted like homebrew – someone’s first efforts into making a beer and having forgotten to clean and sanitise the equipment. A strange medicinal funk pervaded throughout drinking, with a weird lingering fruity body – again not oranges but something different. At 7%, there wasn’t much discernible alcohol heat coming off of Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage either. The thick, gloopy-like body didn’t help things either, with the texture ensuring the off flavours stayed firmly on the tongue.


Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage The Bottom Line

If Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage was supposed to have been aged, then someone forgot to do it. Really not a good beer by any stretch of imagination.

Where to Buy Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage

Derailleur Haginochaya Outrage can be bought online at the following places:

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