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TY Harbor Imperial Stout by TY Harbor Brewery

by Rob
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TY Harbor Imperial Stout is the bottled form of the beer by the same name by TY Harbor Brewery. Finally! It’s based on an 18th century style from London that was used to encourage the porters on the rivers to work hard throughout the day. TY Harbor Imperial Stout can be found on tap at all TY Harbor stores and was released in bottle form at the Keyaki Hiroba Beer Festival in September 2014.

TY Harbor Imperial Stout

Finally, a bottle of TY Harbor Brewery Imperial Stout. Draft is just as good.

TY Harbor Imperial Stout Aroma and Taste

TY Harbor Imperial Stout had a dark brown-black pour out that appeared thick and luscious but then I was thirsty after a long day with the kids. The head was a light brown colour with flecks of white dispersed around it and by this time I was hankering for some but patience is a virtue. TY Harbor Imperial Stout reeked of chocolate, roasted malts, coffee, and citrus. Yes, you read that right. Citrus. Weird but not enough to stop someone from drinking.

TY Harbor Imperial Stout should come with a health warning for those who don’t like coffee. It had a big coffee front to it. For want of a better comparison, TY Harbor Imperial Stout smelt like one of those coffees you would have at Christmas laced with spices and brandy with a creamy kick and a dash of brown sugar. And before I knew it, the beer had gone. I could still taste the bitterness and the guilt of wanting more.

TY Harbor Imperial Stout One Line Review

TY Harbor Imperial Stout is a grand imperial stout that is worth trying either on draft or fresh from a bottle.


TY Harbor Imperial Stout Second Opinion by Joe

I loved this beer. It was good and thick, with a big coffee nose at first. Warming up you get a more creamy, boozy aroma too. I didn’t get any of the citrus that Rob did.

Tasting it, I got a lot of cream, some almonds, caramel, marzipan, and dried fruits on the aftertaste. It wasn’t bitter for me; in fact it was the smooth creamy booziness that meant I too found myself staring at an empty glass and wondering who the hell can make an imperial stout so easy to drink!

Where to Buy TY Harbor Imperial Stout

TY Harbor Imperial Stout is a regular beer on tap at TY Harbour locations, such as Urban BBQ steakhouse here. The bottled form can be bought online from TY Harbour homepage as part of a pack here. Individual bottles can be bought from Daimasu on Rakuten here.

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