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Aqula Schokoladen Bier by Aqula Beer

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Aqula Schokoladen Bier is a 7.5% doppelbock from Aqula Beer, based in Akita, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range of winter beers, though due to aging, it can be found on sale throughout the year – case in point, this bottle was bought at Liquors Hasegawa in July, not the coldest of months. Aqula Schokoladen Bier is brewed using chocolate malt during the mash and is aged for 3 months at Aqula Beer before going on sale. It also uses American Lemon Drop hops to impart some of the massive 5 IBUs found in the beer. Besides that, it’s also won a few awards a decade ago, but nothing since 2008.

Aqula Schokoladen Bier

Big, boozy, potent. And that’s when it’s slightly chilled.

Aqula Schokoladen Bier Aroma and Taste

The first thing I noticed about Aqula Schokoladen Bier is how gloopy it is – this is a beer I should have kept for winter but I needed a beer and it was either this or some turgid crap from Virgo Beer. I actually contemplated walking for 10 minutes to the local convini to pick up some beer; however, I was lazy and this was there. Aqula Schokoladen Bier came out a thick dark brownish black colour with a minimal amount of slightly tan white head. The chocolate malt is evident from the start with it producing a rich nutty chocolate aroma that smashed aside the caramel tones. There was some hints of orange and lemon to it – perhaps a new idea for a beer?

Aqula Schokoladen Bier is not a gulping beer – it’s just too rich and sweet for it to be anything else but a sipper really. The bold roasted chocolate flavours dominate over everything else that Aqula Schokoladen Bier had to offer, besides one. The booziness. At 7.5%, it’s not as strong as other beers we’ve had on BeerTengoku but for some reason, the alcohol was evident even when Aqula Schokoladen Bier was chilled. And when it had warmed up? It came hurtling through, reminding you that this beer is not for gulping. It finished off with the roasted chocolate flavours lingering silkily on the tongue before fading away to leave some alcohol heat.

Aqula Schokoladen Bier The Bottom Line

The only regret I have with Aqula Schokoladen Bier is not drinking it in the colder months of the year. A nice little beer for sitting and sipping.


Where to Buy Aqula Schokoladen Bier

Aqula Schokoladen Bier can be bought online, when on sale, at the following places:

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