Fukuoka Kitchen in Matsumoto, Nagano

Fukuoka Kitchen Front

Fukuoka Kitchen The Bottom Line If it wasn’t for the table charge and lack of tax included in the price, then Fukuoka Kitchen would be the craft beer bar to go to in Matsumoto. Right now, it’s just a recommended place but don’t let that get you down too much. Fukuoka-san is a great host – even on a Monday night – …

Off The Beaten Track #3

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Old Rock in Matsumoto, Nagano

Old Rock The Bottom Line If you’ve been to a British or Irish pub in Japan, then you’ve been to them all – Old Rock is no exception. It offers up that “traditional” pub experience of being in Britain or in Ireland – and a similar pub grub lineup too. Old Rock isn’t a bad place to sit and drink though that’s …

Matsumoto Brewery Taproom in Matsumoto, Nagano

Matsumoto Brewery Taproom Front 1

Matsumoto Brewery Taproom The Bottom Line Matsumoto Brewery Taproom is a great little place in an area of Nagano that is deadly in need of some decent craft beer bars. The main downside to Matsumoto Brewery Taproom, at the time of writing, is the hours that the bar is open; however, if you take a walk around Matsumoto then it’s …