Voyager IPA by Voyager Brewing Company

Voyager IPA ボイジャーIPA

Voyager IPA is a 6.5% English IPA from Voyager Brewing Company, based in Wakayama, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range, and was first released in February 2018. And that’s it…

Voyager IPA ボイジャーIPA

Voyager IPA Aroma and Taste

After much research, and drinking, I realised that Voyager IPA was an English IPA. Let’s just say this wasn’t the first bottle I had but even then, after three bottles, I wasn’t best pleased with my purchase.

Voyager IPA poured out a deep hazy copper colour with a fluffy white head on top that faded quickly into obscurity. The aroma was quite strange – there was a strong malty caramel aroma to it but then the hops, or what I assume were the hops, brought some faint earthiness that quickly faded. There didn’t appear to be much life in the beer either – this was a nice clean glass, but Voyager IPA just looked lifeless.

That wasn’t the main issue with Voyager IPA at all. It tasted off – like infected off. Not one bottle. Not two bottles. But all three bottles tasted oxidised and sour. Not what an English IPA should taste off. Not even the caramel malts could hide these off flavours when chilled. When Voyager IPA had warmed up then it tasted even worse than when chilled. I’m grateful I had some Aooni in the fridge too.

Voyager IPA The Bottom Line

Perhaps it was me being unlucky but Voyager IPA was disgusting and should be avoided.

Where to Buy Voyager IPA

Voyager IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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