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Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde by Far Yeast Brewing

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Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde is billed as a 6% premium lager inspired by Tokyo, so full of sweaty businessmen, cramped trains, and dirty drunkards spilling out onto the streets. Brewed by Far Yeast Brewing, makers of Kagua, it is brewed from two different strains of hops, and is more of a pilsner type beer than a straight up lager.

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde

There’s yeast out there, but not as we know it.

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde Aroma and Taste

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde pours out a clear golden colour with a surprising thick head that dissipates quickly into a thin rim around the top of the beer. The aroma from the glass is slightly floral with some hops; however, nothing too potent or adventurous came off from it.

The body is crisp but verging on the watery side due to the thinness. Slightly citrusy with a touch of dryness to it, Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde could be confused for drinking a carbonated white wine. The aftertaste was slightly fruity but did not last very long and was quickly forgotten. If it had not been for my notes, I would have forgotten there was even an aftertaste.

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde One-Line Review

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde is overpriced and best worth leaving on the shelf unless you are looking to spend money.


Where to Buy Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde can be bought online at the following places:

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