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Okayama Beer Festa 2018 in Okayama

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Okayama Beer Festa 2018 is a three day beer festival held from 25th May to the 27th May at Shimoishii Park, near Okayama Station. This year’s event features over 20 breweries from across Japan and costs ¥3,400 in advance, and ¥3,800 on the day. For this, you get 20 sample tickets, though the breweries themselves can choose how many tickets each beer will cost.

The event starts on 25th May from 17:00 to 21:00, 26th May is from 10:30 to 21:00, and the final day is from 10:30 to 17:30.

Breweries Attending Okayama Beer Festa 2018

  • Mameru Beer (Kagawa)
  • Miroc Beer(Kagawa)
  • Brewood Brewery (Wakayama)
  • Beer Kobo (Tokyo)
  • Iwami Bakushu (Tottori)
  • Umenishiki Beer (Ehime)
  • Kure Beer (Hiroshima)
  • Morita Kinshachi Beer (Aichi)
  • Daisen G Beer (Tottori)
  • Cyonmage Beer (Yamaguchi)
  • Shimane Beer (Shimane)
  • Minoh Beer (Osaka)
  • Yamaguchi Brewery (Yamaguchi)
  • Yokohama Kanazawa Brewery (Kanagawa)
  • Kibidote Brewery (Okayama)
  • Tsuyama Beer (Okayama)
  • Doppo Beer (Okayama)
  • Dream Door Beer (Okayama)
  • Mind Beer (Okayama)

How to Get Tickets For Okayama Beer Festa 2018

  • Ticket Pia (P code 991-570)
  • Lawson / Mini-Stop / Loppi(Code 0248199)
  • 7/11 (Ticket code 0248199)
  • FamiPort / Circle K Thanks (JTB Travel Ticket code 0248199)

Okayama Beer Festa 2018 Details

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook


How to Get to Okayama Beer Festa 2018

The closest stations are Okayama Station on the Sanyō Shinkansen Sanyō Main Line (including trains to Akō Line and Hakubi Line) Uno Line (Seto-Ōhashi Line) Tsuyama Line Kibi Line or Tamachi station on the Okayama Electric Tramway.

Directions from Okayama Station

Directions from Tamachi Station

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