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Locobeer Imperial Stout by Locobeer

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Locobeer Imperial Stout is a 9% imperial stout from Locobeer, based in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their 5th anniversary celebration range and is on sale for a limited number of bottles. Locobeer Imperial Stout was brewed in 2016 then aged for 10 months before going on sale in December 2017 – just don’t ask where the missing couple of months are though!

Locobeer Imperial Stout ロコビアインペリアルスタウト

Locobeer Imperial Stout Aroma and Taste

Locobeer Imperial Stout poured out a thick black colour with a large amount of frothy tan head that lingered for what seemed like ages before it collapsed in on itself. There wasn’t any sediment in the glass or bottle, so I’m guessing it had already full fermented out before bottling. There was a strong roasted malt aroma, along with some black coffee and dark chocolate aromas coming off of it too. Locobeer Imperial Stout didn’t have any noticeable hop aroma nor did it have any booziness either – strange for a high alcohol beer but Locobeer did well to hide it.

The body was thick and luscious – just what I like in an imperial stout, though the flavours were not as potent as I thought they were going to be able the aroma. That’s not to say Locobeer Imperial Stout was a weak flavoured beer – it wasn’t – but the flavours could have been bolder. There was no bitterness to it as it warmed up, but there was some christmas pudding-like flavours to it, with raisins and plums coming through too. The chocolate and roasted malt flavours lingered before fading to a slight bitter aftertaste.


Locobeer Imperial Stout The Bottom Line

You’re going to have to be a big fan of Locobeer to stump up for this beer – it’s one of the milder imperial stouts I’ve had but there are better ones, considering the cost of Locobeer Imperial Stout.

Where to Buy Locobeer Imperial Stout

Locobeer Imperial Stout can be bought online at the following places:

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