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Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale by Hokkaido Bakushu Jozo

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Hokkaido Cherry and Berry is a 5% fruit beer from Hokkaido Bakushu Jozo, based in Otaru city, Hokkaido. It’s part of their all-year range of fruit craft beers, and contains cherries and blueberries locally sourced from Yoichi city, in Hokkaido. At the time of writing, Hokkaido Cherry and Berry can be found in bottles and on tap.

Hokkaido Cherry and Berry

Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb.

Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale Aroma and Taste

Another Hokkaido Beer and another fruit one it is, though with cherries and blueberries this time around – and an unknown ale base. Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale poured out a deep purple colour, with a slightly purpley frothy head on top. It had a pungent cherry aroma with some hints of caramel coming through, but like the rest of the range, the main focus of the beer is the fruit.

The body of Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale tasted exactly how I thought it would: blueberries fruitiness with a sour cherry taste to it as well. It’s so far removed from being a beer in taste that the only link to being one is the base ingredients. The sourness carried on through to the end of drinking and left a sweet aftertaste on the palate that felt more like fruit than like a chemically addition, which can be found in beers that use “fruit flavours” instead of real fruit juice.

Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale The Bottom Line

Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale is more alcoholic fruit juice than a beer – easy to knock back one after the after but it won’t rock your world.


Where to Buy Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale

Hokkaido Cherry and Berry Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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