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Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi by Virgo Beer

by Rob
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Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi is a crappy 5% some kind of beer from Virgo Beer, based in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their local lineup for the Monzen-nakacho area, probably in the hope that noone comes across this horrendous beer. I don’t know who is drinking Virgo Beer, besides us, but whoever it is, needs to stop as it’s giving ideas to Virgo Beer and they need to stop making beers. Heck, of all the breweries that could be supporting Tokyo SkyTree, why oh why were Virgo Beer picked over them?

Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi

Just a mess of a beer.

Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi Aroma and Taste

I’m guessing Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi is a stout or a black lager or a schwarzbier or something dark but you’d never know from the aroma. A mess of butter and acrid smells coming off of it meant that it was already heading for the drain before drinking. It did smell like any of those three styles of beers – in fact, it could have been sewage water from the local Sumida river that had been dyed and bottled. There was nothing of worthiness to write about or be happy with. Thankfully I had a can of Aooni chilling in the fridge, and boy, was I glad.

The body was horrendous. Swearing is never big nor clever, but Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi was fucking trash. The original craft beer boom in Japan suffered a crash due to shitty beers like this being considered worthy of praise yet Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi ended up down the drain after two tries. Terrible buttery and acrid flavours came rushing through with sourness beyond words for a beer – not a sour beer sourness but a weird, ooooh, making me want to vomit sourness.

Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi The Bottom Line

Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi is rubbish and is not fit for consumption – but humans or animals alike. Sorry, but if you end up buying this then you deserve everything that is coming to you.


Where to Buy Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi

Someplace in Monzen-nakacho had it in stock.

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