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Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon by Ise Kadoya Beer

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Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon, also known as Ise Kadoya Yuzu & Dragon, is a 4% fruit beer from Ise Kadoya, based in Mie, Japan. It’s part of their “dragon” range of craft beers, that started with the Ise Kadoya Golden Dragon, that was released earlier on in 2017. Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon is brewed with locally sourced yuzu flesh, and also the peels, and also uses the Golden Dragon malts as its base for brewing.

Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon

Citrusy and fruity – and drinkable more importantly.

Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon Aroma and Taste

I liked the Ise Kadoya Golden Dragon but felt it lacked bite – it was supposed to be an American pale ale but seemed to be missing some kick from the hops. With Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon, the hop kick in the aroma may be missing, but the yuzu nose more than makes up for it. It’s so noticeable that it wafts up from the bottle and grabs your attention before you’ve even poured it out. The yuzu nose did subside a bit to a more citrusy lemon front but the yuzu had done its damage on the nostrils. If there was any sweetness to Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon, then it had been beating into submission by the yuzu. The beer did pour out a hazy copper colour gold colour with a reasonable amount of clean white head, though that faded fast.

However, like the Ise Kadoya Golden Dragon, Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon had a citrusy grapefruit flavour to it – only once I had become numb to the yuzu flavours and the tartness from the fruit. The bitterness did linger for much longer in this beer than in the Golden Dragon but then that was down to the yuzu’s continual onslaught against my tastebuds. Once they had given up all hope of trying something else, Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon did produce a subtle sweet edge to it, though that was quickly beaten away as the next sip was taken.

Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon The Bottom Line

Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon is a marked improvement on the Ise Kadoya Golden Dragon but the yuzu is harsh on the palate – wonder how this will age?


Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon

Ise Kadoya Yuzu Dragon can be bought online at the following places

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