Home Bar Review Swan Lake Tamachi in Tamachi, Tokyo 

Swan Lake Tamachi in Tamachi, Tokyo 

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Swan Lake Tamachi The Bottom Line

Tamachi is in unluckily slap bang between craft beer locations but with Swan Lake Tamachi, at least there is something decent in the area – if you go during happy hour times. Swan Lake Tamachi doesn’t differ much from the Swan Lake Pub Edo in Kyobashi branch in terms of beers, atmosphere, or food so if you’ve been there then you at least know what to expect. The whole place is non-smoking and some English is spoken. The main gripe about Swan Lake Tamachi is the table charge that occurs after 6pm so be warned there.

Swan Lake Tamachi Inside

Nice and spacious.

Swan Lake Tamachi The Full Review

Swan Lake seem to be branching out with their taprooms, with Swan Lake Tamachi being the latest one open in April 2016 to join with the Shibuya location and also the Kyobashi near Tokyo Station branch. It’s located in the south-east area of Tamachi – more commonly known for being a business area along with some university campuses located on the south side of the station – so any addition of craft beer to the area is welcome. It’s also located near Mita station – something that went by my on the day, considering it was the fourth bar in a run of five.

Swan Lake Tamachi is located in what appeared to be a small alley way of old wooden shops that looked like a remnant of the old Tokyo days – lots of wooden shops clumped together with barely enough space for two people to get down if they’re standing shoulder to shoulder. Looking up and it was all electrical wires and cables overhead and then suddenly a banner juts out, almost taken my head off with a sign for Swan Lake Tamachi pointing the way. Inside, there is space easily for 30 or so people to sit, with standing also allowed during busy times. If you go before 6pm, then there is no table charge at Swan Lake Tamachi but go after, and you get one. No ifs nor buts so be warned. English is spoken at Swan Lake Tamachi as well so no worries about ordering the wrong beer.

Menu prices ... don't forget the table charge after 6pm.
Swan Lake Tamachi Beer 2
Swan Lake White Swan Weizen https://goo.gl/iHACwJ
Swan Lake Tamachi Beer 3
Swan Lake #B-IPA https://goo.gl/EWGueH
Swan Lake Tamachi Beer 4
Swan Lake Porter https://goo.gl/8ctFJq

The range of taps at the Tamachi branch is smaller than the Kyobashi branch, with eight taps of Swan Lake Beer and a few seasonal on tap too. Prices for Swan Lake Beers are ¥650 for a 250ml glass, and ¥900 for a 430ml and both prices include tax. Prices for other beers vary from ¥830 to ¥880 for a 250ml glass, and ¥1200 for a 430ml so it is best to stick to the Swan Lake Beers if you’re looking for a cheap(er) drinking session. There is also a happy hour from Monday to Friday until 7pm and all day Saturday, where all Swan Lake 250ml beers are ¥500 and Swan Lake 430ml beers are ¥800. A guest beer is included in this deal but changes daily with ¥100 off being the most common deal. There is also a tasting set, but ¥1,100 for three 150ml, it’s pretty pricey so stick to the happy hour beers if you can.


Swan Lake Tamachi Food 1 Chips! Proper chips.T

After having “chips” at the Swan Lake Pub Edo in Kyobashi turn up to be wedges, it was with great trepidation that I ordered the same and guess what? CHIPS that actually look like chips. The food follows a similar theme as the other branches, with some vegetarian choices available.

Swan Lake Tamachi Details

Open: Monday – Friday 16:30 – 23:30 (L.O.22:30, Drink L.O. 23:00) Saturday 12:00 – 22:00 (L.O.Food 21:00, Drink L.O. 21:30)

Close: Sunday

Happy hour: Monday to Friday until 7pm and all day Saturday, Swan Lake beers are ¥500 for 250ml and 430ml beers for ¥800. Guest beers ¥100 off.

Phone: 03-6453-7928

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.swanlake.co.jp/main/pubedo_tp.htm

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Swan Lake Tamachi

The closest station to Swan Lake Tamachi is Mita on the Toei Asakusa Line and Toei Mita Line. Take exit A8 and it’s less than three minutes walk. Alternatively, it’s about a five minute walk from JR Tamachi station on the Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku line.

Directions from Mita Station

Directions from JR Tamachi Stations

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