Fujizakura Heights Imperial Pilsner by Fuji Kanko Heights 

Fujizakura Heights Imperial Pilsner

Fujizakura Heights Imperial Pilsner is a 6% imperial pilsner from Fuji Kanko Heights, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and was first relased in March 2017, with it being unknown whether Fujizakura Heights Imperial Pilsner is going to be an annual seasonal release or a one-off. Besides that, the only other thing we know about Fujizakura Heights Imperial …

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 is a 6.5% weizenbock from Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their draft range of beers that can be found at the BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi branch and also made its way into bottles too. As the name indicates, Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 is the second iteration of the beer, with this having been …

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager By Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager

Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is a seasonal schwarzbier from Fuji Kanko Kaihaitsu that is avaiable from around the middle of February until stocks last. It has an abv of 5.5% but unlike typical schwarzbiers, Fujizakura Heights Dark Lager is a bottom fermented beer that has had, in the words of the brewery “an abundant amount of caramel malt and roasted malt thrown …

Fujizakura Heights Sakura Bock by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Sakura Bock 富士桜高原さくらボック

Fujizakura Heights Sakura Bock is a doppelbock style beer from Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu in Yamanashi. It’s an 8% spring seasonal that can be found on the shelves for quite a while due to its long shelf life of around six to eight months. It’s also a multiple award winning beer, having even won awards for World’s Best German Pale Lager, even …

Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock by Fuji Kanko Heights

Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock

Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock is a summer edition beer from Fuji Kanko Heights with an abv of 7.3%. Take a regular weizenbock recipe and add some flame dried malts to end up with this rauch, or smoked, beer. Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock is available in both bottled and on draft form. Fujizakura Heights Rauch Weizenbock Aroma and Taste I still couldn’t get …


Fujizakura Heights Weizenbock by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Weizenbock

Fujizakura Heights Weizenbock is a frustrating beer to get hold off. It’s sold during the winter months yet trying to get a single bottle of it is annoying in the slightest. Few places stock the regular Fujizakura Heights Beer at the best of times, so when I came across Fujizakura Weizenbock at Yamaoka, I grabbed it and held on to it. …


Fujizakura Heights Beer by Fujikankokaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Beer

Fujizakura Heights Beer, also known as Fujikankokaihatsu, is a brewery based in Yamanashi, near Kawaguchi Lake. Fujizakura Heights Beer leans heavily towards German style beers, due to the head brewer Miyashita Hiromichi learning his trade in Germany back in 1996. They have also won several awards for their beers with the Fujizakura Heights Rauch voted best rauch style beer. The biggest problem with …


Fujizakura Heights Rauch by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Rauch

I seem to be drinking all of the beers from Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu. Not a bad thing but Fujizakura Heights Rauch is a new style of beer for me. Rauch, which means smoked beer in English, is a German style beer that is brewed using malted barley that has been dried over a flame. People really do like making beer difficult sometimes don’t …


Fujizakura Heights Weizen by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Weizen

This funky bottle is Fujizakura Heights Weizen, brewed in Yamanashi, the prefecture immediately west of Tokyo. It seems that this beer is marketed towards women according to the Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu homepage as it is unfortunately labelled as easy drinking “even for women”. Blurgh. Fujizakura Heights Weizen is brewed using 50% more wheat than usual weizens. Fujizakura Heights Weizen Aroma and Taste …

Fujizakura Heights Pils by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Pils

Fujizakura Heights Pils is a pilsner style beer brewed on a Czech style recipe. I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again, pilsner beers are the most common type of beer in Japan. Most prefectures of Japan, if not all, have their own flower, food, and pilsner that represents them (that last part might be a lie). Yamanashi is …