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Be Easy Waiha Session IPA by Be Easy Brewing 

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Be Easy Waiha Session IPA is a 4.8% session IPA from Be Easy Brewing, based in Aomori, Japan. Be Easy Waiha Session IPA is the fourth beer from the Be Easy Brewing and is part of their main lineup of draft beer, though there has been no news on whether we will see a bottled version soon. Be Easy Waiha Session IPA is brewed using five different hops, though it’s unknown at the time of writing what the hops used are to give it an IBU of 50 units.

Be Easy Waiha Session IPA

Easy drinking but bitter – a very good example of a session IPA.

Be Easy Waiha Session IPA Aroma and Taste

“Session IPAs” really are a confusing beer for a Brit to be reviewing. Most beers in the UK are anywhere between 3.0% to 4.5% and for me that qualifies as a session beer – something that can be drunk over a long time, so Be Easy Waiha Session IPA being at the upper ends means either the session is going to be quite short, or that the brewers at Be Easy Brewing are strong drinkers. However, besides Coedo’s effort with the Coedo Marihana, there aren’t any other really noticeable session IPAs in the Japanese craft beer market.

Be Easy Waiha Session IPA came up a light orange golden colour with minimal amount of head but I couldn’t believe how clear the beer was – something that Be Easy Brewing did with their Be Easy Debbie’s Pale Ale. Be Easy Waiha Session IPA had a light tropical fruits flavour with a citrus kick coming along quickly and swiftly, with just the merest of hints of malty sweetness. The aromas were crisp and didn’t linger too long before fading to some light peachiness. A complex set of aromas going on but none of them outstayed their welcome.

It’s in the body that Be Easy Waiha Session IPA really excels – no hint of the almost 5% alcohol. Instead, just lashings of crisp bitterness that carried on through from start to finish, vearing between tropical fruits to citrus and then back to some pineapple edge in the end. If there was any Crystal used in the beer then it was either masked very well by the hops or it was used in such sparing quantities it didn’t come through besides in the colour. Be Easy Waiha Session IPA finished off with the bitterness and me wanting more – but it had been a long day of drinking and 5% beers are not conducive to session drinking for this Brit.


Be Easy Waiha Session IPA The Bottom Line

As far as I’m concerned, Be Easy Waiha Session IPA is three from three from Be Easy Company – another very good beer.

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