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Barbaric Burning Sky by Barbaric Works

by Rob
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Barbaric Burning Sky is a 7.5% imperial red IPA from Barbaric Works, based in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, in Japan. It’s part of their draft lineup and can be found across Japan. It was first released in September 2018 and is brewed using Columbus, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops to give it an IBU of 71.

Barbaric Burning Sky

Barbaric Burning Sky Aroma and Taste

Let’s be honest – is imperial red IPA really a style? I’ve only come across two others in Japan from Ise Kadoya and Swan Lake in the last five years. I know Japan is behind the curve with some things but this is a bit of a slow uptake.

Barbaric Burning Sky came up a hazy reddish brown colour with a meagre amount of thin white head on top – at my request. It had a strong caramel and pine aroma with some faint hints of peaches and limes too. Once it had warmed up, there was gentle resin aroma that came through too – but it wasn’t strong.


I was expecting some bold hoppiness from Barbaric Burning Sky but it was smoother than expected. The pine and resin flavours were well balanced with the caramel from the malts, and a slight spiciness to Barbaric Burning Sky was present as well. The only downside to Barbaric Burning Sky was that it did end up being quite sweet – perhaps a bit too much caramel was used and had not fermented out fully. Barbaric Burning Sky finished off with a lingering piney hop flavour that faded slowly.

Barbaric Burning Sky The Bottom Line

Barbaric Burning Sky is an interesting take on a beer style that is rare in Japan – worth trying when fresh I think.

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