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Hyappa Brews Miso Korny by Hyappa Brews

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Hyappa Brews Miso Korny is a 5% ABV spiced beer from Hyappa Brews in Aichi prefecture. It’s made with black pepper and Hatcho miso paste, and is part of their limited edition bottled range. It’s also an abomination.

This beer ruined Christmas

Hyappa Brews Miso Korny Aroma and Taste

I thought I knew what to expect with this beer. I was the one who reviewed Kinshachi Nagoya Aka Miso Lager, and that was surprisingly good. So I wasn’t too bothered over Christmas, when Rob coshed me and left this in my house before running as far away as he could get.

After finishing all the beers I actually wanted to drink over the holiday- Prairie Bomb, El Diablo and Old Guardian to name a few- I decided to give this a try for the old website. Initially I was confused by the hand-written label- I assume it’s a one-off as no one in their right mind would consider adding this to their regular beer lineup. The name is also terrible. “Miso Korny”? Seriously? What are they going to make next? A citrus ale called “Me Love You Long Lime”? Took me an hour to think of that, so you’d better enjoy it.

Miso Korny pours out an unappealing shit-colour, with little head and a glob of detritus at the bottom. The nose is faint- couldn’t be bothered to look at how long it had been lamenting in the warehouse- and was faintly of the pepper, with a roast malt and nutty aspect to it. Hm, I thought. Might not be so bad. But those who ignore the warnings of the past are doomed to repeat it. I took a taste.


I am in a world of shit.

This beer is sucky-sucky.

What is Hyappa Brew’s major malfunction?

This is the singular worst beer I have ever tasted. I have never tasted anything so disgusting. The miso taste inflates in my mouth like an emergency life raft. It tastes like a big glob of fat. It’s as if a fart had somehow become solid. It’s like a dirty warlock teleported some mud into my mouth. It’s overwhelmingly terrible.

I am loathe to waste beer but after the first taste I almost binned the fucking thing. I decided to soldier on in the name of journalistic integrity (and stinginess).

It didn’t get better. There’s no subtle balance. It’s just unbearable amounts of pepper with a revolting slimy mouthfeel and pungent miso aftertaste. This is the first beer I’ve ever felt the need to wash my mouth out after drinking.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t count as a beer. There’s no taste of malt, or hops, or anything that could be described as belonging in beer. It’s just miso, and pepper, and it’s alcoholic. Get this fucking turd water out of my sight. Give it to the tosser who told me to go fuck myself because he liked Abashiri Blue. See if he likes this one.

Hyappa Brews Miso Korny One Word Review


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