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Beer Garage 87 in Irie, Yokohama

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Beer Garage 87 The Bottom Line

While the beer list at Beer Garage 87 is interesting, and the owner is generally one of the most friendly and interesting bar owners I’ve met on my BeerTengoku travels, neither of those points can save the fact that as Beer Garage 87 is in the middle of nowhere, you have to have some special reason to go here. The beers are well priced, with tax included, and there is no table charge though the whole bar is smoking too. It’s a shame that Beer Garage 87 isn’t closer to a station that has more of a footfall.

Beer Garage 87 Inside

Looks like a place some goths would hang out, but the owner is friendly.

Beer Garage 87 The Full Review

Beer Garage 87 is located right in the middle of the suburban area outside of Irie and Koyasu and opened in 2013. The bar is located right on the main road, the Daini Keihin, between Yokohama and Tokyo – not the best location really for a place selling beer. With drivers going past, the temptation must be high to pull over for a drink but there is no parking and drink/driving is, unstandable, illegal in Japan with a zero tolerance rule. Slight diversion aside, the only problem you’ll have getting to Beer Garage 87 is either changing to a local train line, or trying to find a suitable place to cross the road.

Beer Garage 87 isn’t a large place, even with what appears to be a large shop front – about half of the bar is dedicated to the bar area and the giant beer fridges as you walk in. There is also next to no seats besides two armchairs located at the back of the bar. As such, everything is standing only and it does get busy as the crowd walk back from offices to the station, or stop in for a quick beer on the way home. There is no table charge at Beer Garage 87, because there are no tables to sit at, but the whole place is smoking friendly, something for those who dislike smoking to remember.

Beer Garage 87 Inside
One price for one size that includes tax.
Beer Garage 87 Beer 1
Kaze no Tani Red Ale
Beer Garage 87 Beer 2
Baeren Alt

There are ten taps of beer on at Beer Garage 87, with at least five of them dedicated to craft beer and the others to macro beers. Beers come in one size of 350ml at ¥800, and the price includes tax. There is no happy hour and no tasting sets. While the beers were served with quite a large head, the bar owner did top them up when requested. The range of beers was slightly eclectic – some breweries we’ve only seen in bottles such as Kaze no Tani and Baeren – but a welcome change.


We didn’t get any food at Beer Garage 87, as I didn’t know until I left that they served food besides bar nuts and snacks. There was no menu on the counter and I don’t think the bar owner was looking to cook really.

Beer Garage 87 Details

Open: Daily 16:00 ~ 23:00 (L.O 22:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 045-710-0884

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Beer Garage 87

The closest stations to Beer Garage 87 are JR Oguchi on the Yokohama Line and Koyasu on the Keikyu Main Line.

Directions from JR Oguchi

Directions from Keikyu Koyasu

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